1 head cabbage

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

1 Cut cabbage into four wedges.

2 Place each wedge on a piece of doubled heavy-duty aluminum foil.

3 Spread cut sides with butter.

4 Mix spices together in a small container and sprinkle all of the mixtures equally over each wedge.

5 Wrap bacon around each wedge.

6 Fold foil around cabbage, sealing each wedge tightly.

7 Grill cabbage, covered, over medium heat for 40 minutes or until the cabbage is tender, turning twice.

The first time I made this, I couldn’t believe how good it was! We served it with grilled burgers and our dinner was complete. I never thought I’d skip dessert because I was full from too much cabbage!


Another thing I love so much about cabbage is how well it stores. When I asked what some of your objections or challenges were with eating more veggies, some of y’all said they go bad too fast. Well don’t look any further, because cabbage is for you.

If handled and stored properly, it can last from 3 week to 2 months in your fridge. Yes, really!! I know I’ve had cabbage for 2-4 weeks in my fridge and they stay fresh just like the first day I picked them up. It’s nice to have one on hand and keep in your fridge for times when you are running low on veggies.

To store cabbage, just keep it in the fridge until you are ready to use. I usually keep mine in a plastic bag to help keep the moisture in. Try not to bruise it – the outer leaves are tougher to help protect the inner more tender leaves. And don’t wash it until you are ready to use. All of those things will help keep it fresh for a long time!


Another thing that makes cabbage so great is how nutrient dense it is! It’s loaded with vitamin C which helps your body make collagen, helps absorb iron, and is a super powerful antioxidant and can help protect against cancer.

It also is a great source of vitamin k, vitamin B6, folate, and fiber, and even has a little protein. Foods high in fiber help improve digestion and keeps your bowel movements regular. It’s also a low calorie and carbohydrate food. For the price point – about $2-3 per head – you really can’t beat it!